Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sweet Peep Treats

Homemade Peeps~ Who says Peeps have to be bunny-shaped? Here's a super-easy way to put a homemade spin on the classic Easter treat: Simply pierce regular large marshmallows with a candy stick, put a little water on them to make them sticky and have your kids roll them in pastel-colored sprinkles. Voila!

Homemade Jelly Bean Easter Bark

Jellybean Easter Bark Recipe~  Nestle Toll House Premier White Morsels, vegetable shortening and  jelly beans – are all you need to make this yummy pastel Easter bark treat. Just microwave the morsels in a microwave safe bowl for 45sec high, stir. If not completely melted microwave another 15 seconds (Be sure to remove and stir every 15 seconds so it doesn't burn) Mix in jelly beans, spread onto a lightly coated pan and stick them in the fridge until firm. Voila!

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