Friday, December 14, 2012

Many Prayers for Connecticut

Thoughts & Prayers for all the families involved in the horrific and senseless Connecticut shooting. It's a very very sad day =( May God be with them all. My heart is aching.


2busy said...

My heart is heavy, too. It just makes absolutely no sense. This is a crazy world we live in these days...

Jenn said...

Heart wrenching... prayers for Connecticut.

Sad, sad news day.

Jenn @ Finding My Sunshine In Life said...

I dont even know what to say- I feel like I cannot breathe. I cannot imagine living it.

Northern Beauty Blogs said...

So so Sad! Thoughts with their families x

Tammy said...

Very sad :(

vickilicious said...

Oh! MY! I heard that in the news here in Greece. I pray God gives them the strentgth to deal with all this. My heart grieves for the victim's families and friends. I'm also outraged by this "right to bear arms" in the US constitution. Why is it necessary to bear arms? Let's make the police obsolete then! Haven't there been enough incidents of this sort to make them rethink about it!?!? The other thing is with the "hiding" behind the excuse of 'having psychological problems' I don't mean any disrespect or to underestimate the problem( it sure exists) but we can't be using it as a justification/remission/absolution of every evil act one does. What about the mother who knows her son has psychological problems, why doesn't she get rid of those damn guns!
OH! I'm sorry about this rant but I got so upset from this story!

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