Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

We will be staying here at the Hyatt Regency
Well grandpa and I are going to be back on the road again this weekend for four days. The past two months have been filled with so much travel for us and we're not done yet. Sunday we will be driving to Scottsdale Arizona, I know it will be a nice trip as long as the weather cooperates.
Each year the Untited Trustees Association holds their annual conference with dinners, meetings and a big social gala. Grandpa and I have yet to participate in the daily activities that are  held two days before, but I always hear what a great time everyone has. They hold golf tournaments, fun sightseeing trips, bowling days and things like that. 
This event normally takes place in Las Vegas and in Vegas it's easy to find things to do. I usually visit the spa, walk around the shops or hang out in the casino while grandpa is in meetings. This year I have no idea what I will do to keep myself occupied during the day. I've never spent time in Scottsdale but I'm sure this beautiful hotel will have a lot to see and a wonderful spa, so that is certainly on my list of things to do (even if I just go for a pedi). Since we are driving there I'll be able to take the car around town to see what the beautiful city has to offer, I'm sure I'll find something.
Plans to see the Bears play MNF in San Francisco are still up in the air for the 19th, and then we will be spending Thanksgiving with family =). Grandpa may have to travel again to So. Carolina at months end and before you know it Christmas will be here (busy busy). Life is wonderful! I am ever so grateful and blessed that as we both grow older we have the opportunity to spend so much time traveling together since the kids are all grown and out on their own. However tiring and busy life seems at times, we are definitely enjoying it =) After all, isn't this what being a grandparent is all about?


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