Sunday, November 18, 2012

Black Friday

Well here we are 5 days from Black Friday. How many of you have actually camped out overnight to be one of the first in the doors for great deals? Do you do it every year? Is it a family tradition or do you go with friends? What is the best deal you've ever got? Have you ever seen someone go completely crazy in a store you were in?
I have personally done Black Friday twice in my life, once with my daughter when she was still in high school and once by myself. I swore I would never do it again.
Back when my kids were little and the Power Rangers first came out (early 80's) I have to admit I was one of the crazy moms that did whatever it took to make sure the Green Ranger was under the tree on Christmas Day. I just had to complete my sons set, so standing in line for a day and running through the store to be the first to grab one was a must! HaHa. Those days are long gone for me and I believe anything I need to purchase can be done in the days after the rush or online. My time and safety are much more valuable and important to me now. Saving a few bucks for 1 or 2 items and having to deal with people going berserk all day isn't on my "To Do List" this Friday.

Is it on yours?


Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

I have to admit, I've never done a camp out or stayed in a long, long long, line for anything on Black Friday... Just not a fan of the whole idea...I know great deals can be had, but I like to find good deals at normal hours and with less people! LOL!

Nicole said...

Not on my to-do list. I do like Black Friday sale shopping. But it has to include hot chocolate and a good friend. And a husband home to watch the kids at 5am. No husband at home this year, so I will do the Amazon thing and check the stores on Monday :)
Stopping by from Mommy Moments.


Jill Flinton said...

I haven't done the camping out overnight but I have braved the stores a few times. Now with most of the stores starting their online sales on Thursday (or evening opening!), it's a little easier. I have been known to order something online during the "deal hours" and pick it up later in the day when it has calmed down.

Mama G said...

Hi Sally, I'm following from the GFC Collective Link up!

I'm in the UK, and whereas I am very envious of your Thanksgiving tradition, Black Friday sounds like a complete nightmare. I'm not a good shopper at the best of times, and at the end of the day, if you have a good scoot around online you can always find a good deal nowadays, we're not limited to what shops we can physically get to, and we can order from all over the world with the click of a mouse. Sounds far too stressy for my liking :-)

vickilicious said...

Well, we don't do that in Greece(at least not yet) I've seen it on TV and boy, it's crazy! People can get trampled!Never say never but I just can't see myself doing that!

Motherhood on the Rocks said...

I'll be one of the crazies out there. I'd much rather stay home, but the deals are just. so. good!

Cameron Stimson said...

I'm sure I have gone with my mom at some point when I was younger. I am like you though, and now have absolutely no desire to get out there. I always wonder if the deals are really that amazing...but there's nothing we need enough right now :} Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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