Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

The last weekend of the month is upon us already. We've been extremely busy helping my oldest brother out with organizing finances, talking to doctors, insurance agencies and getting everything organized with his home situation. He's been battling esophageal cancer for the past year and at the end of September he had to have surgery to remove the bottom portion of the esophagus and top portion of the stomach (Esophagectomy)
After spending 23 days in the hospital, he was discharged only to have to be re-admitted the next day. We got him situated in a recovery rehabilitation center on October 8th and it looks like he will continue to stay there until the 1st of the year. Recovery isn't easy and we know he's got a long hard road ahead of him.
Cancer has hit hard in our family. My oldest sister is a breast cancer survivor, the youngest of my 3 brothers is recovering from stage 4 throat cancer, my sister in-law is recovering from colon cancer and now my oldest brother with this, it's a tough battle. We've all had days that are so overwhelming and heartbreaking that we've had to ask when will it all end? All I know is God has been with us, our prayers run deep, he has given us all enough strength to be supportive in any way we can and to be thankful that they are surviving it one day at a time.
Life is so short, make amends where they are due, tell the people you care about how much you love them and how wonderful it is to have them in your life. You never know what tomorrow may bring.

God Bless


Holly said...

New follower from the blog hop! So sorry to hear about this... I have a cousin who is fiercely battling pancreatic cancer. It's so tough.

FromGrandmaWithLove said...

Thanks for the follow Holly. The big bad C is a terrible thing. I'll say an extra prayer for your cousin today.

raisingahappyfamily-momof8 said...

I am sorry about this situation. thank you for the words of wisdom.

Tammy said...

Cancer is a very ugly illness. I lost my mom to breast cancer and literally watched her pass from it. We decided to end her chemo due to no quality of life and she was so tired. :(

I'm joining your blog, lovely design and lots of good info! :)

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